Monday, July 16, 2007

Escrow Services for eBay

If you purchase large ticket points on eBay , you should definitely take clip to larn about escrow services and the protection they can offer you. An escrow service is designed to protect purchasers (and sellers) from being ripped off, by using this simple methodology:

- The finances for the sale travel to the escrow service, and then the marketer ships the point to the buyer. Only when the point have been received, the finances are released from the escrow service to the seller.

- Sometimes it may also be desirable for both the point and the finances travel through the escrow service. In this case, the service not only do certain that the purchaser acquires the item, but also guarantees that the marketer acquires the money.

In general, there is a little fee for the service, usually based on a fixed per centum of the sale price. There is no criterion system for choosing who pays these fees, it is something that purchaser and marketer must mutually agree, but in many cases, the fees are divide between the purchaser and seller. For some ticket sales, the marketer may offering the usage of an escrow service as standard, but if they make not and you as the purchaser wishing to utilize one, you should inquire the marketer if this is all right before bidding, and see offering to take attention of the service's fees.

Of course, the protection that these services offer is entirely dependent on these services themselves being trustworthy. For this reason, you absolutely must take a dependable and reputable escrow service. There are of course of study many escrow services on the Internet, but for this reason, the service that you will probably desire to take is

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