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Buying A Website On eBay - Without Getting SCAMMED

First we would wish to state thanks for screening our article. We trust you happen it helpful whether you buy a prison guard website from eBay or another online auction. Good Luck!!!

We wrote this article to give you enough information to do "somewhat" of an educated guess.

We state "somewhat" because not every facet of purchasing an eBay website can be covered in this article. It would take a full blown book!

Why are we qualified to compose this article? We are an existent Web Development Company who have been Hosting, Development, and Optimizing Websites for over Nine years. We have got developed everything from local based land sites to finish eCommerce land site for planetary campaigns.

We are based in Wolverine State (state with the most lost businesses). As with most little concerns in Wolverine State we have got had to fall back to more than originative manner of creating marketplace share. Here we are on eBay.

Buying a "pre-established Turnkey Website on eBay can be a very speedy and easy manner to acquire you on the cyberspace affordably. If you design, developed and optimize your ain land site it may take you hebdomads or even calendar months to acquire up and running. This manner you can just leap right on and start promoting and selling your new site.

. With all that said let's acquire going! .

Its' Really All In the Sphere Name!

A True Prison Guard Website should include a sphere name or give you the option to take a sphere name for the site.

A proper sphere name should be keyword rich! By keyword rich Iodine mean value it should have got at least one land site subject keyword in the name. For example: if your land site is domestic domestic dog genteelness then the sphere name should have got the word dog in it at the very least. MyDogDomain.cOM Oregon

Having a keyword rich sphere name will assist with hunt engine arrangement as well.

There have got been much argument about using H-Y-P-H-E-N-S (dashes) in a sphere name.

What About The Website Itself?

The Prison Guard Website should have these qualities: . . . .

  • A professional inviting design
  • All content relevant & fluent - matching the land site theme
  • Bare lower limit artwork - big artwork take awhile to load
  • Web accessible - accessible to a broad scope of viewers
  • at least two income streams
A small more than about Web Handiness - Accessible Web designing is the fine art of creating WebPages that are accessible to everyone, using any device. It is especially of import so that people with disablements - whether owed to accident, disease or old age - can access the information in Web pages and be able to voyage through the website. Wikipedia have a great article about it here:

Is The Site Easy To Maintain?

After all as a website proprietor you should be disbursement your clip promoting and selling your website not performing maintenance. Some care will be required for any website no substance how big or little but all in all your website should be working for you.

What ever Prison Guard Site you take it should incorporate some type of automatically updating content, news, points for sale, links, videos, etc. This assists dramatically with hunt engine placement. Search Engines love fresh updating content.

Ask your eBay Seller if their land sites incorporate these. You may desire to inquire if the have got any low-cost land land site ascents that tin do your site even more than automatic.

What About Web Hosting?

There are a couple of things to be concerned with when dealing with Prison Guard Website Hosting.

You should never pay over $5.95 / Calendar Month for Web Hosting. $5.95 / Calendar Month is a just terms for both the marketer as well as the buyer. I bes money to run a Web Hosting Waiter - There are support, backups, and day-to-day care to be performed.

Is the hosting expandable as your website turns and how much volition it be to spread out it? Once your land site takes off you will desire the peace of head knowing that your Hosting Supplier will be there for you. You may also desire to inquire if you can change hosting if it is not working out.

Ask inquiries before you buy a Prison Guard Website - This volition give you a opportunity to see how good the Sellers support really is.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO is a bombilation word that have been around for awhile now it basically is apparent and simply Search Engine Optimization. Performing certain processes to acquire your land site listed with the major hunt engines. Most good traffic that you volition have got will come up from hunt engines.

Any land land site that you purchase or make you should have these done at a bare minimum:

  • Relevant title, description, and keyword meta tags
  • A .xml sitemap & a .html sitemap
  • Targeted keywords and cardinal phrases integrated into site theme
  • Automatically updated content
  • Hand coded w/properly contented specific named data files & pages
  • Robots.txt file
How make I Make Money With My Prison Guard Website? Every website necessitates a manner to bring forth income from your visitors. Generating income could can take on many forms.

  • Revenue through affiliate selling - eBay, ClickBank, Amazon, Google Adsense
  • A physical merchandise that you stock or manufacture
  • A service based website to sell your services
  • Selling digital products
  • Monetized land site promoting Google Adsense
We seek to integrate at least four income watercourses into our Prison Guard Websites any more than than that and it can be quite debatable in that it is difficult to maintain path of everything. We lodge to the four major cyberspace gross producers.
  • Google Adsense
  • Clickbank
  • Amazon
  • eBay
These four are some of the greatest most successful land site on the cyberspace today - We have got establish that by partnering with them gives us and our clients the most success. How To Avoid getting SCAMMED!

Buyer Beware! --- If it sounds too good it probably is.

Use good commonsense judgement before purchasing a Prison Guard Website!

If the marketer is claiming that it is making $10,000 a calendar calendar month and you can purchase it for $399.00 - That just doesn't do sense!

Why would I sell you a website for $399.00 if it is generating 10K a month? I wouldn't and neither would anyone else!

If you take a firm stand on purchasing 1 anyway inquire a short short ton of inquiries - inquire to see cogent evidence of every sort - Ask to see the traffic reports, to do that sort of money you would necessitate a ton of traffic to your website every day.

Established Website Oregon Pre- Established Website?

There are many eBay Website Peter Sellers that are claiming to be merchandising an "Established Website" when really they should be advertisement them as "Pre-Established Websites".

For a website to be "established" it will be receiving traffic on a regular basis, which can take anywhere from 6 - 12 months.

A Pre-Established" Website is one that is constituted in the fact that most of the designing and development is done as well as basic SEO have been performed.

You can acquire a really great website from eBay just utilize some good old common sense and inquire a batch of inquiries before purchase.

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