Saturday, January 19, 2008

Little Guy Network Video - How To Promote The Little Guy Network On YouTube

Are you looking for a manner to bring forth free Pbs and traffic to your Small Guy Network website or Pb gaining control page?

Why not seek making a Little Guy Network picture and posting it to an cyberspace picture land site like YouTube?

Making a picture for YouTube is not as hard as you might think.

The lone tools you necessitate is a webcam, a microphone, and most importantly... YOU!

There are a couple of types of pictures that you can make...

The first type of picture is where the chief focusing of the picture is you.

In this type of picture you simply record yourself talking about some facet of the Small Guy Network.

You simply share your position on some facet of the Small Guy Network program... the income opportunity, the products, your personal experience, etc.

Just be yourself.

The 2nd type of picture you can make is one where you would learn something using silver silver screen gaining control software.

Screen gaining control software system system - available in your Little Guy Network merchandise bundle - records what haps on your computing machine screen so that viewing audience can see your every "point and click".

This type of picture plant great when trying to demo something on your computing machine or on the Internet.

Think of something that you could learn person and then show them how to do it.

Educational pictures are great pictures to do because everyone wishes to "see" how things are done.

After completing your video, simply post it onto a land site like YouTube.

Keep in head that since YouTube is owned by Google the content on there acquires ranked very high in the hunt engine.

So those are just a couple of thoughts for creating your ain pictures promoting the Little Guy Network.

By creating quality pictures you will pull quality prospects to your Little Guy Network business.

So don't wait... acquire started making your pictures today!

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