Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Build Your 6-Figure eBay Income Series - How to Become a PowerSeller and the Benefits

Becoming a powerfulness marketer on eBay have never been easier, and have more than benefits now than ever before. The most obvious benefit is, of course, the acknowledgment that you acquire from purchasers by simply being a powerfulness seller. Buyers be given to swear you more, which ultimately translates to more than than gross sales and higher profits. But did you cognize that eBay gives you even more than fringe benefits for reaching powerfulness marketer status?

For instance, you salvage up to 15% on concluding value fees, which, believe it or not, will add up very fast. You will also have precedence support and telephone set support, both of which are not available to normal eBay sellers. Plus, powerfulness marketer lists have 5% to 25% More exposure than normal sellers. I don't necessitate to state why this is a good thing.

Another benefit for powerfulness Sellers is their entree to protection programmes against non-paying bidders. Everyone will have got to cover with non-paying bidders at some point, and it's level worse when you've invested typically non-refundable listing ascents for your auction, such as as featured listing for $19.99. But as a powerfulness seller, you will be refunded for these optional listing characteristics if your purchaser makes not pay.

eBay have even more than than characteristics planned for powerfulness Sellers in approaching months, including protection against fraud transactions, recognition card complaint backs, and more. All of these benefits will assist you cut down costs and addition profits. It really do attaining the powerfulness marketer position "worth it".

So, you must be asking, how difficult is it to attain powerfulness marketer status?

The reply is not difficult at all. All you necessitate to make is sell $1,000 worth of commodity per calendar month for 3 calendar months in a row to qualify. And recently, eBay added another manner you can measure up - by merchandising 100 points per calendar month for 3 calendar months in a row, regardless of point price. Can you conceive of how easy it is to sell 100 $1 points in a month? Believe me, it's a breeze, especially considering how easy it is to get inexpensive e-products with resale rights these days.

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