Monday, April 7, 2008

Brazil opens condom factory to help preserve the Amazon rain forest

: Federative Republic Of Brazil on Monday inaugurated a India rubber mill that functionaries state will assist 100s of mediocre Brazilian rubber tapsters do a life while helping to continue the Amazon rainfall forest.

The works in the northwestern town of Xapuri will bring forth 100 million rubbers a year, which the authorities will administer for free as portion of its monolithic anti-AIDS program, Brazil's Health Ministry said in a statement.

The latex will be drawn from eminent jungle trees in the sprawled Marx Mendes wood modesty by little clip India rubber tapsters who protect their trees — and thus the rainfall wood — to guarantee their livelihood, the Health Ministry said in a statement.

The militia is named after celebrated India rubber tapster Marx Mendes who drew international attending to Amazon rainfall wood destruction. Mendes was shot dead in his place in Xapuri in December 1988 by cows ranchers.

Rubber tapsters in the northwestern state of Acre, where the mill is based, already bring forth about 6.2 million dozens of latex a year, but demand from the mill will hike that amount by about 500,000 dozens annually, the ministry said. Today in Americas

The mill will profit at least 500 households of India rubber tapsters and will supply about 150 occupations for the town of 15,000, the ministry said.

Brazil currently importations almost all of the rubbers despite having big amounts of latex in the Amazon.

Officials see mill as a manner to supply India rubber tapsters and local occupants with an economical interest in preserving the rainfall forest.

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