Sunday, April 6, 2008

Compass Internet Systems Announces CompassSearch ADVANCED Subscription and REAL SEO(TM) for Real Estate Professionals

ORINDA, Calif., April 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Compass Internet Systems
() denotes the release of a new
CompassSearch merchandise for existent estate agents and brokers. The ADVANCED CompassSearch subscription (which the company began
providing in early January) lets agents and agents to -- free themselves from tending to their websites
-- free themselves from performing regular content upgrades
-- free themselves from authorship transcript or distressing about SEO. The new subscription have Compass acting all those services for the
client. In addition, the subscription is provided with -- an optional Point2 Professional website platform free for up to two
old age (an $1150+ Value)
-- full subscription to the WebReporterTool, the Internet's best and
richest analytics reporting package
-- full coaching job job and land land land site service including a monthly coaching call
-- edifice and maintaining the agents site for the full subscription
-- placing and maintaining the client's site on the first pages of the
major hunt engines for footing that tantrum the vicinities that they
aim as their primary markets. The company warrants that the client will have got their land site on the
first pages of the major hunt engines or that the client will sell a home
from the subscription (clients chose the warrant they prefer). The
company have about 1000 clients all over North United States who already are doing
both. All the foregoing is included (with considerably more) for only
$289.95 per calendar month during the introductory clip period ending June 1, 2008, after
which time the subscription will be $339.95 monthly for new members (All
existing clients are protected from terms additions as long as their
subscription is kept in good order for as long as they remain
subscribers.). "The response to this merchandise have been overwhelming," Sean Hogan, COO
of Compass reports. "We offered this merchandise starting January 1 of this
year without publicity and over 75% of our new clients have got chosen this
option. Choosing this option simply intends that the client engages us to
handle the complete care of their land site from an SEO and lead
generation purview, which liberates the client to sell places instead of trying
to maintain their content updated and having to work on enabling their land sites to
be establish by Internet buyers. Our clients necessitate only go to their monthly
phone or electronic mail coaching job (Client's choice) session with their appointed
Compass Customer Service Representative (CSR) to be fully informed of their
progress." "Our occupation is to analyze, pull off and set the client's land site to where it
is a gross producer," Ben Hogan continued. "Agents and agents make not desire to
be IT people, "Hogan added, "They just desire to listing and sell property. Our
ADVANCED subscription allows them make what they are best at and go forth the
heavy lifting (technology-wise) to us. The lone thing the agent must make is
post their listings." "The National Association of Realtors (NAR) studies that less than 10%
of all agents are happy with the production from their websites. In
comparison, over 90% of Compass clients renew their subscriptions,
indicating a high degree of satisfaction with their service," Hogan
continued. "While our merchandise cannot do mediocre sellers successful, it is
used by strong sellers to sell and listing more places and our clients
that corroborate that." "REAL SEO(TM) is about far more than than simply being on the first page of
the major hunt engines," Ben Hogan concluded. "We mention to CompassSearch as
REAL SEO(TM) because being establish is just the first of four stairway in the
process that do up Internet Selling Services for Realtors(R) and real
estate agents. real number SEO(TM) assists agents and agents recognize the benefits
that being able to be establish on the major hunt engines can bring. Our job
is to present Pbs and gross sales for you, not just to acquire you found. That's
REAL SEO(TM): existent meaningful consequences from having a presence on the major
search engines because we are constantly promoting your site." About Compass Internet Systems: Compass Internet Systems
() supplies online selling services
for existent estate brokers and existent estate people throughout the real estate
world. Through their affiliates, The Blackwater Consulting Group
and Web Reporter Tool
the company is a recognized leader in
Organic Search Engine placement, cyberspace selling services, coaching job and
reporting systems for existent estate professionals. Headquartered in the San
Francisco Bay country with business offices and representatives throughout North
America, Compass goes on its rapid growing and enlargement The companies are
privately held. More information can be obtained by emailing

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