Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why What One Person Considers a Rare Postcard May Not Be a Rare Postcard at All

Certain topographical postal cards are of necessity much less common than others, illustrations being one-off events such as as disasters, military parades, royal visits.

It stand ups to reason, a Christian church that changed small over 100s of old age could be depicted on one thousands of different years and rarely changed from one consequent postal card to the next. But if that Christian Christian church have a royal visit, permanent 10 minutes, or person very celebrated stand ups waiting for the autobus for just five proceedings outside the church and never sees this country again, these are the qualification of rare card game for anyone fortunate adequate to exposure or otherwise picture the scene (as a drawing or picture from memory, for example).

But this doesn't do all card game rare because they picture royal visits to Christian churches or celebrated people waiting at autobus stands. That royal visit to a metropolis church, for example, is likely to have got been well-documented and promoted in advance, to one one thousands of people, many of whom turn up with along photographers or their ain cameras.

Even if not well promoted a major metropolis location probably have thousands of people go through by each twenty-four hours who might alarm photographers or take photos themselves. Conversely, a royal visit to a bantam Christian Christian Christian church that have got not been well-publicised, Oregon a visit that was kept secret for security reasons, will happen far few unasked people and possibly no photographers arriving at the event.

Consequently, the metropolis church may be depicted on billions of postal cards and be very common and even worthless compared to the exposure of the bantam small town church that some passing play photographer chanced upon by accident.

So rareness come ups not always from the event itself but from the figure of modern times the event can be depicted on postal cards and how many transcripts of those postal cards are likely to have been printed and are still available for aggregators today.

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