Monday, September 24, 2007

Why Affiliate Marketing Is Terrible

Affiliate selling is the adjacent large thing on the internet. But is it the best thing? Can you really do any money with it? The reply is yes and no. Yes some people do make money with affiliate selling but I would make bold state that they had to set in a whole heck of a batch of hours and money before they started showing anything substantial. So no it's not the best thing if you desire a batch of money fairly quickly.

Affiliate selling dwells of sign language up with the proprietor of a merchandise to assist sell this merchandise for a commission. You don't have got to develop the merchandise or make gross sales letter. After the sale is made it is up to the proprietor of the merchandise to manage bringing and any refunds that may occur. It is your occupation to marketplace it.

Sounds pretty simple doesn't it? Okay, now for a dose of reality.

First of all, you have got to be able to acquire your advertisement in presence of a batch of targeted traffic. I make average a lot. Let's expression at some numbers. This is just an estimation but only 2%-4% of the people that see your advertisement will actually chink on your link. Of that 2%-4% only 1% volition actually travel on to purchase the merchandise you are advertising. It takes 7 or 8 exposures to your advertisement before people will chink on it.

(Yikes! That doesn't sound good, makes it?)

Now let's state that you don't have got a high traffic website to put your advertisement on. Most people who are starting out don't. How make you acquire your advertisement in presence a batch of people? The reply -- pay to publicize in other people's ezines. This volition usually be you on the norm of $70. This tin acquire expensive and you aren't guaranteed gross sales with this method.

(Again... Ouch!)

You could begin your ain ezine but it takes a batch of clip to acquire a big amount of subscribers. I'm talking probably a couple of years.

If you desire to set in big amounts of clip you could begin authorship articles and submitting them to article land sites with an affiliate nexus in your signature. But there are a few article land sites that won't allow you post an affiliate link. So then you would necessitate your ain website to associate to or you could associate to a blog site. Building a website takes further clip and money. Starting a blog can be free but it makes take time.

Now let's state that you begin making sales. Things are going along pretty well when BAM! Gross Sales come up to a screaming halt. Your merchandiser have closed down his programme and taken off. He didn't trouble oneself sharing this information with you. To exceed that off he owes you some commissions. You cognize you'll never see that money.

(Still like the thought of merchandising for *other* people?)

When you are doing affiliate selling you are at the clemency of the merchant. You have got to utilize his streamer ads, his gross sales pages and his graphics. You have got no opportunity of making the merchandise base out against the rest. There is also a hazard of your affiliate business relationships being high jacked and person else getting the committees that you worked your butt end off for.

So if you are willing to pass some money, set in a immense amount of clip and hazard what commissions you make acquire being stolen, seek affiliate marketing.

Is there an alternative? Absolutely!

You could just develop your ain merchandises and sell them and maintain 100% of the profits. It's up to you.

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